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Where I’ll Be Going Next

Hey! I’m going to Berlin in May to attend NEXT11 as an official blogger. Except two days of data love (the theme of the conference) I look forward to drink a lot of weissbier, to hang out with interesting startup people and to enjoy the creative atmosphere Berlin has to offer.

Since it’s an international conference, I will publish the blog posts from NEXT11 in English (or at least give it a try). Be sure to follow fyranyanser.se and @agaton to find all the juicy stuff I’ll be sharing from the conference. Want to join me in Berlin? Register today! It’ll definitely be two awesome days.

Photo: Wouter

Speaking of  awesomeness, I’ll be staying at the Michelberger Hotel. Recommended by Walter among many others, it sure will be a great experience. Ping me if you’ll stay there as well.


4 thoughts on “Where I’ll Be Going Next

  1. Joe Falck skriver:

    Bra att ta sig ut i världen och se vad som händer på andra arenor. Och Berlin är ju en grym stad! Får du tid över rekommenderas Beta haus för jobb/fika :)

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