Artiklar du borde läsa jan 2015

Artiklar och bloggposter jag tycker du ska läsa under januari 2015. Leading the World in Longevity: Japanese Firms in Business for a Century or More ”Approximately 20,000 of the 1.24 million business entities in Japan were established at least a century ago. Of these, about 1,200 have been in existence for at least 200 years, and some 400 for at least 300 years. Around 30 Japanese firms have endured for 500 years or more, and 7 have been in existence for a millennium or more.” The sharing economy must share the risks ”Many enjoy the challenge but few are secure. Meanwhile, we are stuck with 20th-century arrangements for providing work benefits and insurance — one of the hallmarks of the advanced industrial society — that do not fit the 21st-century worker. We urgently need to find new methods that do not attach all of these perks to direct employment and leave people who want to work differently out in the cold.” There’s an app for that ”This boom marks a striking new stage in a deeper transformation. Using the now ubiquitous platform of the smartphone to deliver labour and services in a variety of new ways will challenge many of the fundamental assumptions of 20th-century capitalism, from the nature of the firm to the structure of careers.” What Is Going To Happen ”Capital markets will be a mixed bag in 2015. Big tech names will continue to access capital easily (see 1/), but the combination of rising rates and depressed prices for oil will bring great stress to global capital markets and there will be a noticeable flight to safety around the world. Safety used to mean gold, US treasuries, and blue chip stocks. Now it means Google, Apple, Amazon, and Facebook.” What Just Happened? ”cyberwarfare, cybercrime, cyberhacking, and cybersecurity was by far the dominant theme of 2014. if anyone had their head in the sand on this one before this year, they don’t anymore. this is our new normal. the US takedown of North Korea’s internet last week, and the state department official’s comment that “i guess accidents can happen” is a moment to remember as we head out of 2014 and into our future.” Predictions For 2015: There Will Be Blood ”Hackers do something serious. I mean something that makes Sony look like a prank. Something that really fucks people up. Something that will appear to be state-sponsored and we’re left to guess about who is behind it. Maybe it’s Putin getting back at us for wrecking the ruble. Or maybe it’s carried out by Iran, or China. I hope this doesn’t happen, but I fear it will. The future of warfare is computers fighting computers.” 54 Screwups as a Startup CEO ”Since we sit in an open floor plan, I kind of assumed everyone knew what was going on because they can hear me and others. The problem with my logic is that everyone too busy *actually working* to sit around and listen to me.” Olafur Eliasson on How to Do Good Art “So as an artist, you become an entrepreneur by definition. . . . The art world underestimates its own relevance when it insists on always staying inside the art world. Maybe one can take some of the tools, methodologies, and see if one can apply them to something outside the art world.” social proof is the stat you didn’t know you needed Döden är definitiv och gör ont på livstid ”Självmord är inget mysterium. Det är den vanligaste dödsorsaken bland män i åldern 15-44 år och den näst vanligaste dödsorsaken för kvinnor i samma ålder. Det är ett folkhälsoproblem. Det finns kunskap att ta del av, varningssignaler att vara vaksam på och hjälp att få.” What Every Startup CEO Should Know About VCs ”Social Proof Is The Stat You Didn’t Know You Needed” 6 experter om e-handel och framtid ”Förutom detta så måste det till bättre logistiklösningar. Det borde vara självklart med hemleverans, snabbare leveranser, och möjlighet att följa paketen i realtid. Vem vill gå till Ica för att hämta sitt paket? Slöseri med potential!” eller som Ulrika twittrar ”E-handeln har inneburit en jätteskillnad! Numera är köerna i livsmedelsaffärens paketutlämning i förbutiken, istället för på varuhuset.” Unicorns Vs. Dragons ”A dragon is a company that returns an entire fund — a “fund maker.” VCs can have dragons in their portfolios just as LPs can have dragons in their portfolios. But if you do the math (and we did) you will find that dragons are four times as rare as a unicorn.” Deli-licious ”After 2008 many consumers started shopping at cheaper supermarkets, such as Aldi and Lidl. Customers also started buying in bulk online. However, in contrast to previous downturns, says Hugh Padfield, a director of the Bath Soft Cheese Company, this time people continue to buy basic products at the cheapest price, and spend the money they save on products that are better quality, like his own renowned Bath Blue cheese.”



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