Skala ehandel, vad är din ingångsvinkel?

Anton Johansson, ehandel

Plain old e-commerce is a thankless hard slog (and a scale game). Commerce is about presenting the right product at the right price with the appropriate level of convenience. It’s simple in theory but remarkably hard to do at scale in practice, especially if you’re in the game of generating extremely valuable companies.

Fred Destin har skrivit en bra analys av och möjligheterna i att skala upp ehandelsbolag. Han menar att det är svårt att skala ehandel idag, men att det finns enorma möjligheter om man hittar rätt infallsvinkel och nämner Fab som bra exempel.

Bottom Line – If you want to win in e-commerce, you’ve got to be crystal clear about the dimensions on which you are going to compete. Scale will crush you unless you fully understand your angles. Without an angle that helps you achieve better margins, whether on customer acquisition, buy-side margins or recurrence, it’s going to very, very hard. We stand on the cusp of another 20 years of massive disruption in the commerce landscape that are going to yield huge opportunities, but don’t be naive going in.

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