Frank Meehan, Startup-Day 2012

My quick notes from the great talk by Frank Meehan on Startup-Day 2012. Brilliant thoughts, I read them every once in a while just to remember. Helps me keep focus.

A basic human need, that isn’t really satisfied.
What is it for basic human need that I’m satisfying?

Focusing on distribution platforms. Instagram didn’t just focus on a basic human need, but on the quickest & fastest distribution model.

‘how can i get to the whats hot section in app store’? Then you gonna boom.

Details. Focus on the details. To do magic, pivoting details. Path did that, small changes, details.

Focus on one platform. Path, instagram etc. Its better to focus on one.

I’m leaving the power of keeping things in code. Rarely its a good idea to over think/ engineer a problem – kevin b, instagram

Instagram become a billion dollar company because kevin kept focused.

Shakil Kahn way – build a network / networking to get to meet people. Really important to be networking. He was the one getting the small spotify getting people to love them in the us. Great talent here in Sweden, but you need to go elswehere to get it rock’n roll.


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